6) Erste Diagnosen anhand einfacher pathologischer Fallbeispiele:
(CAVE: Englisch - Aber hervorragende vorbereitung auf eine Auslandsfamulatur)

Fall 1: Adult man, 31-years-old, with dysphagia and regurtation of food
Fall 2: Adult man, 44-years-old, with dyphagia
Fall 3: Adult man, 47-years-old, alcohol abuse and cirrhosis
Fall 4: Adult man, 61-years-old, obesity and a history of heartburn
Fall 5: Adult woman, 69-years-old, admitted with altered bowel habit
Fall 6: Adult woman, 71-years-old, is admitted with fever, cramping abdominal pain - especially in the left lower quadrant, white blood cell count (WCC) is high.
Fall 7:Adult man, 59-years-old, with dypagia, alcohol abuse
Fall 8:
Adult woman, 46-years-old, smoker admitted with severe epigastrical pain. - acute abdomen.

Fall 9:
Adult woman, 52-years-old, weight loss
Fall10: Adult woman, 11-years-old, is admitted with abdominal pain. Weight loss and slowing of growth. Her sister is 18-years old and suffers from some rectal fistulae.

Fall 11:Adult man, 75-years-old, is admitted with rectal bleeding.